Flight Fares

Better Fares

• We can mix airlines to give a lower fare and or schedule versus using a single carrier. We also offer travel on Southwest Airlines which does not provide online booking on Expedia, Orbitz, or any other Internet travel booking site.
• We can usually clear waitlists for lower fares
• Offer nearby cities, for a short drive can save hundreds of dollars
• We deal with consolidators that have contract rates to Europe that are below market prices.
• If your flight plans change, we can obtain a full refund 1 to 3 days after purchase.
• We can hold a reservation for one day to lock in the price and also to see if a better fare appears the next day.  Even after ticketing we have one business day
to switch you over to a lower fare if one were to become available.

Better Seats

• Because of our preferred agency status, we can un-block seats for many fares for the three major US carriers due to our national affiliation with Altour Travel.
• If preferred seats are not available, we have a Seat Check program that daily checks for seats that may open up.
• We will advise you of the extra cost for extra leg room seats and assist you in obtaining them.

Discount Travel
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